Martyn - Natural Selection / Vancouver Remixes

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  • Arriving a few months after the original release of "Natural Selection"/"Vancouver," Flying Lotus returns the favour Martyn paid recently in clipping the wings of Los Angeles gem "Roberta Flack" by ripping into the Dutchman's recent decent. Alongside fellow Oranje fiend and zip code fanatic Dave Huismans (under his 2562 umbrella) taking on "Vancouver"'s subterranean funk, it's another gem from Martyn's 3024 imprint. Covering the original's warped vocals in thick squelches and throwback late night smooth grooves, Flying Lotus's take on "Natural Selection" finds the LA beatnik's weary beats sighing under a modest techno tide. Though far removed from such structured climbs as Martyn's mutant Apple Pips flutter of "Suburbia," Lotus's usual erratic bluster suits a bit of rigour, 140bpm befitting of his bleak beats. Reverb tails every movement, sulking shadows behind each lumbering bassline, giving the track a mesmerising new coat. Compatriot 2562's grappling with "Vancouver" initially seems a tad pedestrian. But, slowly following the stark footprints of the original's acidic basslines, The Hague maestro's "Puur Natuur" mix soon finds its feet. Recalling the paranoid strands of drum & bass, the pair have sucked on to produce their own dub-fed techno hybrid—understated jabs that lurch out from the sunken discordant ruts of its sophisticated parent release. You'd label it alchemy. Trouble is, what was there was already gold.
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      A Natural Selection (Flying Lotus' Cleanse Mix) B Vancouver (2562's Puur Natuur Dub)