Kuniyuki - Remixed Vol.1

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  • When Theo Parrish does a remix, he undertakes nothing less than a complete archeological excavation of the original work. He looks at the materials used, evaluates their historical relevance in dance music, and after pulling the entire work apart and putting it back together, he finally ends up with something between a reinterpretation and a complete revision of what the original track means. Here, he’s working with something approaching a kindred spirit, if anyone can really be said to work on Parrish’s level, in discerning Japanese producer Kuniyuki Takahashi, and the results are every bit as stunning as you might hope. His remix of "All These Things" begins with a single fingered synth trying to piece together a long forgotten melody, while a kick drum softly nods away. Parrish wants you to see these joins where his work is pieced together—all the better to appreciate the history, the grain of the music. This remix of the original vocal track is beautifully elegiac, with the vocal alighting on the beats like a butterfly on a pin, but the “dubstramental” version is even better. Nine minutes of hypnotic beats and understated, interwoven analogue grace notes, it’s like dancing close to, but not quite with, someone you desire, your rhythm and theirs almost but never quite interlocking. You’re unlikely to find a more elegant and sublime expression of the possibilities (and impossibilities?) of the dancefloor, whatever the genre.
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      A All These Things (Theo Parrish Remix Vocal Vers) B All These Things (Theo Parrish Remix Dubstramental)