Dakar – I've Got That Feeling

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  • The latest by one-half of electro duo Dakar & Grinser is a vocal tech-house burner unveiled to great effect during Get Physical's recent North American tour. It's a track so instantly compelling that it seems to be the product of an exact science of the summer techno anthem: an impassioned, lilting vocal expresses a consummation simultaneously spiritual and romantic, while its wound-tight electronics pipe and rumble with all the dynamic precision of an Italian sports car. 'I've Got That Feeling' forms a neat trinity with two other recent minimal tech-house tracks in which, over the relentless churn of electronic machines, a male soprano swoons unfettered: Jona's remix of Junior Boy's 'No Kinda Man,' also on Get Physical, and Supermayer's reworking of 'Heart's a Mess' by Gotye, a brilliant production which for unfathomable reasons remains unreleased. All three are basically a tech'd up version of Junior Boys' confessional electro-pop, so it's no coincidence that the vocals here and in the Gotye remix bear more than a passing resemblance to that of Boys frontman Jeremy Greenspan. Tender, fresh-scrubbed and expressive, it's a singing style that effortlessly counterpoints a crisp, minimal electro-throb. What sets Dakar apart, though, is that his track isn't a remix. Usually, to produce such compelling negative space between the vocal and the track, it's necessary to allow an outside remixer to subtract the compositional elements used to bridge rhythm and voice. The two remixes here, one by Gavin Herlihy and the other by Get Physical veteran Lopazz, are fair, but they also have to reckon with the edgy disjunction of the original: Herlihy decides to go instrumental, adding handclaps and hi-freq synth stabs, while Lopazz fills in the void with comfy synth pads that cushion the vocal and smooth out the harsh, beautiful black space.
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      A I've Got That Feeling (Original) B1 I've Got That Feeling (Gavin Herlihy Remix) B2 I've Got That Feeling (Lopazz Remix)