My My – Southbound

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  • There’s really an important place for slightly pedestrian records which sound ‘on-trend’. At least there must be, because there are so many of them, and so many DJs that play them. I just didn’t personally think that Ostgut Ton were in the business of releasing them, nor My My of making them. That might sound a bit harsh—‘Southbound’ has a decent (and very familiar sounding) riff, which is very ‘deep house’ and is deployed in an agreeable enough manner, and I’m sure lots of people will play it. But I want to be harsh here because Southbound just doesn’t seem to have a big idea in it to capture the imagination—the ‘deep house’ style is there but where is the substance? I really had to concentrate to avoid my thoughts turning to sunglasses or Korean actresses or suchlike while listening. And, frankly, I expect more from these guys (e.g. ‘Southern Comfort’, ‘Reverse Charge’, ‘Klatta’.) ‘Pink Flamingos’ on the B side has a cheeky little two-note bass flourish that gave me hope, but the track doesn’t really go anywhere. It simply meanders around flourishing the odd jungle noise or drum roll at the listener. Again, pleasant enough, but where is the excitement? If all that mattered in music was being up to date with the current style this would be a great release. Unfortunately it isn’t.
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      A Southbound B Pink Flamingos