Riley Reinhold - Sunset Sound

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  • It's probably not a shock to say, but: it must be different over there in Germany. As one of the few unrepentant Doors fans left among my age group in America, it was a surprise to put on Riley Reinhold's latest 12-inch and hear samples taken from multiple songs from the group's catalogue. The problem with the Doors has always been Jim Morrison's pretentious lyrics, so Reinhold does the obvious thing on the A-side: he eliminates them almost altogether. ‘Sunset Sound’ instead wraps tinkling keyboard samples, meandering cymbal washes, a disembodied yelp and rain-soaked atmosphere from the group's 'Riders on the Storm'. The only thing that might not be taken from the group is the insistent bassline and kick that holds the thing together. As a pastiche of Doors samples, it's beautiful and borderline amazing. As a standalone house track, it holds its own as a quirky little tune perfect for late night plays. 'Elektra Boulevard' seems to take less from the instrumental side of the Doors. The bass, kick and main riff (a wobbly, rotating synth that remains deliciously off-kilter throughout) are modern-sounding elements. Here, though, Morrison appears twice, albeit hardly recognizable. He's the chanting man you'll be pressed to understand moaning about angels dancing and angels dying. Musically, the song is less enthralling or even functional than its predecessor, but it still retains the same mysterious otherworldliness that the best Doors tracks evoke as well. Again, for more adventurous DJs, this will work wonders on a floor at 5 a.m. with Morrison's ghostly vocals leading the way.
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      A Sunset Sound B Elektra Boulevard