Jaxson - Shit Happenz

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  • Jaxson is a relatively new name, although you might have heard 'Smokemachine', which originally came out last year and is reworked in this package. He's apparently part of a group of emerging DJs and producers that have the Kiddaz.FM and Playmate labels as their epicentre. Brighton-based UK label Hypercolour have garnished their roster with some choice cuts over the past twelve months, so is Jaxson an inspired addition or does he fall by the wayside? It's difficult to tell. 'Shit Happenz' is a bass-heavy groove punctured intermittently by synth stabs which is probably best suited to the warm-up or could make a good set opener. The breakdown's the best thing about it though, and once that’s built up some momentum it's much funkier and more driving. 'Brunchpunch' again uses a bassline to good effect but lacks the airiness of the title track, instead using wistful, far-away chords and effects to create a nostalgic, cold-weather throb. Finally there is the reworked 'Smokemachine', which is the best of bunch. The drums are muscular and the cavernous effects which arrive every few bars envelope the fragile piano nicely. All in all it’s steady stuff. 'Smokemachine' is my pick, but there's enough breadth on the other two tracks to suggest that Jaxson has what it takes. A slow burning EP that shows promise.
  • Tracklist
      A Shit Happenz B1 Smoke Machine (London edit) B2 Brunch Punch