Marc Romboy feat. Tyree Cooper - Lost

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  • Compared to his musical peers, Marc Romboy is a refreshing throwback. While the rest of Germany was pushing minimalism to breaking point in 2005, Romboy was working with the likes of Blake Baxter and Robert Owens. Romboy's love of acid house and hip-house, though, is no passing phase. Here, on his first 12-inch for Josh Wink's Ovum imprint, he works with one of the few Berlin-based Chicago originals, Tyree Cooper. Cooper is credited, along with Fast Eddie Smith and the Beatmasters, with having helped popularize hip-house, although his talents in that department aren't really utilized on 'Lost'. Instead, after a lengthy intro in which Cooper drops a bit of science, Romboy introduces a pounding acid line, effectively cutting Cooper off from letting loose with much more than "I'm lost inside my mind" and a mid-song repetition of his introduction. No worries: the bassline is engaging enough to hold its own. The same goes for the lengthier and darker dub version of the original. Romboy takes things in a more acid-tinged direction, unfolding layers of 303 over a frenzied nine minutes. Mazi & Duriez, on the other hand, almost romanticize the mental confusion of the theme, focusing on the melodicism of the once-relentless bassline and creating a place where dub and acid can somehow co-exist. Not an easy task, surely—and it doesn't quite come off as a result—but with source material as excellent as the original mix of 'Lost', I suspect it was too tempting not to try. Stick to the Romboy material here and you won't go wrong.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lost B1 Lost (Mazi & Duriez Remix) B2 Lost (Dub Remix)