Radio Slave - No Sleep Part 4

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  • This follow up to the mega hit ‘Bell Clap Dance’ is a neat two track EP which sees Radio Slave broaden his sound once again. After a long string of remixes which pursued a pattern of relentless repetition, and arguably wore thin at times, this is a welcome second outing from Radio Slave 2.0. Yep, Matt Edwards has made some changes. However if you're hoping he's abandoned his devout commitment to deep and repetitive ten minute epics, then look elsewhere. Instead it's the sounds that have changed. ‘No Sleep Part 4’ is the cleaner, housier Radio Slave as hinted at by last year's remix of Le Noir and even ‘Bell Clap Dance’. First up in this vein is ‘Tantakatan’. With razor sharp snares, one intense nagging house riff, and deep dub bass, it's like Sascha Dive meets Scion Versions. Of course, even when he's making house, Matt Edwards doesn't leave much room for floating voters. So as per usual, the intense and arresting repetition over ten minutes suggests only the most engrossed dancefloors will get the full benefit of this. Still, what a benefit that will be. On the flipside, ‘Grindhouse Tool’ is a much harder slice of techno, with the unrelenting darkness of Berghain's two Marcels. It's a testament to the house and techno scene right now that one of the most popular artists can release what's essentially a great "fuck you" record. ‘Grindhouse Tool’ has no hooks, very little melody, a kick that actually deserves to be called pounding, and huge washes of bass. When you hear it you feel like you need to hold on to something, or risk drowning in the inky black bass. It rounds off an EP that's nicely two toned: with serrated house on the A, and sheer bloody minded bullshit on the B. And who doesn't like sheer bloody minded bullshit? Roll on Part 5.
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      A Tantakatan B Grindhouse Tool