Peverelist - Infinity is Now

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  • This is Peverelist's first solo release for a label other than his own Punch Drunk imprint, but don't expect him to get stage fright. What Peverelist delivers here is two near-perfect sides of his idiosyncratic brand of techno inflected dubstep. 'Infinity is Now' feels like the full realisation of the vision he first set out on 'The Grind.' The rhythms, swing and bass weight are all unmistakably descended from UK Garage, yet the euphoria and focus on repetition is undoubtedly techno. This is not just a dry experiment in combining genres however; both sides back up their innovative punch with a melodic muscularity. The A side's tranced out main line is matched for memorability on the B by 'Junktion's' delayed synth lament. It's heartbreaking, or at least it is until the bass kicks in, when it just becomes nasty. Without descending too far into superlatives, this record really is very, very good. It doesn't even matter if you don't care one bit about techno, dubstep or the dubstep/techno crossover—this is just excellent music.
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      A Infinity Is Now B Junktion