John Tejada - Labyrinth

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  • Does John Tejada ever produce a crap record? It astounds me that with the amount of music he seems to churn out, the quality of his output remains consistently high. When we go out clubbing, I have a friend who loves to lean with her arms outstretched up against the speakers, head down towards the floor, and then simply give’er. ‘Labyrinth’ is a track made for her. It’s a proper twisted techno stomper, relentless in its intensity throughout, a spiralling journey through modulation, and awash with filter effects, controlled through an ebb and flow of nasty synth sounds. I also have a friend who likes to mince about on the dancefloor, flailing around all limp wristed to tunes like ‘The Tyranny of Choice’. A perfect juxtaposition to ‘Labyrinth’, it has a very warm classic housey feel to it. Quintessential Tejada, it bounces around with a fresh jig in its step, layering the syncopated melodies and rhythms to great effect. I have to admit upon first listen, I wasn’t instantaneously hooked, but this record is definitely a grower and will appeal to stompers, mincers and all sorts in between.
  • Tracklist
      A Labyrinth B The Tyranny Of Choice