Prosumer - Brownstone EP

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  • Prosumer tracks such as ‘Moved’ and his new full-length with Murat Tepeli Serenity do old-school house in a melancholic mode, but that’s not his only approach, judging by the tracks on the A-side of the Brownstone EP, released on Gerd Janson's Running Back label. ‘Brownstone Mix 1’ and ‘Mix 2’ are a goofy couple of cuts full of delight for old school house, and like Serenity, they’re shorn of everything except the essentials: bassline, melody, drums. But while Serenity's best tracks often sink into the beat, 'Brownstone' bounces on top: Without Prosumer and Elif Biçer's forlorn vocals, the mood on both is buoyant and cheerful. And, as a further present to DJs, Prosumer cuts each track into two distinct parts—he simply puts the latter portion first on the second mix—which should allow ample time to cue up an a cappella. But these could also be played as stand-alone works—any crowd of Chicago jack lovers will appreciate what's on offer here. On the B-side, 'Gridlock' tells a slightly different story. The elements are nearly the same, but the lengthy chords that underpin the melody yearn instead of uplift. Like a lost B-side from the lackluster second half of Serenity, unfortunately the track is too long (nine minutes) and too tool-like to make an impact, riding the same riff throughout and eschewing the brevity and excitement of Brownstone for ineffectual hypnotism. But luckily, the two A-sides here more than make up the difference.
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      A1 Brownstone Mix 1 A2 Brownstone Mix 2 B Gridlock