Prosumer & Murat Tepeli feat. Elif Biçer - Turn Around

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  • Prosumer and Murat Tepeli's second single for Ostugt Ton, the record label wing of the Berghain club, is the first from their forthcoming album Serenity. Both producers trade in raw, analog house and here it is topped off with vocals from Prosumer himself and female singer Elif Bicer. What you get on ‘Turn Around’ is a relative rarity in dance music: an actual song. A rather diffuse song, true, but the vocals here serve a purpose that’s more than just texture. Prosumer and Bicer play out two lovers imploring each other not to leave. Short vocal phrases are set out, repeated and completed: tentative insecurity is evoked both in the words and stripped back production. The sounds here spell Chicago, but the arrangement and vocals dismiss any claims of a simple throwback. Cassy continues her sublime run of productions with a remix on the flip. Elif Bicer's vocals are reduced to a keening, high line as Prosumer repeats the same phrase into oblivion. A touch of Cassy's voice and some enchanting deep house production and hypnosis is complete—this is the version you'll hear out, late into the night. This is an auspicious start to 2008 for the producers, the label and house music in general. If people keep trying to top this then it will be a very good year indeed.
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      A Turn Around (Dub) B Turn Around (Cassysmoothmix)