Claude VonStroke & Christian Martin - Groundhog Day

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  • Claude VonStroke (with Christian Martin in tow) is back with his first original recording in over a year, and it was worth the wait. ‘Groundhog Day’ explores the darker more serious side of Mr VonStroke, gone are the whistles, burps and chimp noises (not that those weren’t great in their own right) and in their place we find a dark haunting melody and non-stop shuffling rhythms, all laid over a dastardly fat breaks-style bass kick. The second half of the track is a variation on the same theme with octaves raised and a chiming melody, which works up a nice sense of anticipation. The results are excellent and it all floats along at a slow mesmerizing pace. This is much in the same vein as ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit?’ and it’s just as good. Israeli producer Chaim’s remix is far more epic. He cuts bits of the melody in and out, drops in some staggered organ sounds, throws in a bit of static and wash and tops it all off with a pulsating building string section which explodes with instant dramatic results. It's not as good as the original, but will definitely appeal to those who like their dance music a bit more theatrical. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, this 'Groundhog Day' is only available as a highly limited 500 vinyl copy release. It may have caught your ear on this summer’s Monza Club comp and you can also find it on CVS’s own At the Controls mix, but that’s it. Claude, I implore you to re-release it, the people need this track!
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      A Groundhog Day B Groundhog Day (Chaim Remix)