Efdemin – Lohn & Brot (Remixes)

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  • The thing with remixes is that even if they’re not much good, they’ll still get a lot of play if the original was hot enough six months previously, because the mixture of familiarity and unfamiliarity is so seductive for DJs. But if you’re going to get right down to it, the key measure has to be not ‘would you play it?’ but ‘is it better than the original?’ because that’s the only thing that will make it worth having in another six months time, and the thing that makes it good art. Unfortunately this batch of ‘Lohn and Brot’ remixes don’t pass that acid test. They’re decent enough, but the strength of the original outshines them all due to its melodic hooks – the remixers take the track in some different directions but don’t produce anything that imprints as strongly on the memory. Tobias’ version is moody and bassy and takes a more repetitive, less jazzy route. It’s a strong pulsing groove with a long gliding feel, like cross-country ski-ing. A lot of people are playing this (I heard it three times at the weekend), and its probably the most successful mix on the release. In contrast, Sebo K’s first mix is more jerky and housey in its rhythms with suggestive horn-like riffs and a spacey breakdown. It’s got more of an early-evening feel to it and never really takes off. His second version sounds more like the original with the bassline foregrounded and some more organic-sounding congas added. It’s a standard-sounding deep house affair and more peak-time than mix one but hardly one of his finest moments. This release is worth a listen if you’ve worn out your tolerance for the original but otherwise it’s unnecessary.
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      A1 Lohn & Brot (Tobias Remix) B1 Lohn & Brot (Sebo K Version 1) B2 Lohn & Brot (Sebo K Version 2)