Guy Gerber & Chaim - Saltamonte EP

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  • You’d have to be out of your head not to do a double take when you first hear the breakdown to ‘Saltamonte,’ the A-side to Guy Gerber and Chaim’s newest 12 for Gerber’s Supplement Facts imprint. MIDI horns (or a good approximation thereof) crown the moment when the track is supposed to set audiences on fire. It’s ridiculous – like playing the solo to ‘Free Bird’ on a keytar. But somehow it works. It’s been one of those years for Gerber. In 2007, he released his debut LP on Cocoon, nearly topped the RA charts in September as REshuffle (his and Niv Hadas’ production guise) with ‘Hedonism,’ and went on a world tour. Chaim, Gerber’s partner in crime here, doesn’t have much to complain about either. He has an upcoming release on Bpitch, which should introduce him to plenty of new ears as well. ‘Saltamonte’ caps it nicely for both. The track is a quirky bit of big-room prog, building tension through a sinuous melody that sounds almost improvised-on-the-spot. Once those horns hit, however, it’s clear that everything is in its right place: trance, minimal, prog, techno can all live in harmony. Mostly. ‘Milky Way,’ the B-side here, isn’t quite as epic. It manages to craft a twinkling base from which the duo ram home the frighteningly memorable theme. A late night track to bring the crowd down – and a perfect way to end the first (full) year from Supplement Facts.
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      A Saltamonte B Milky Way