Adultnapper - Tewa

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  • Francis Harris, a.k.a. Adultnapper, seemingly burst out of nowhere in 2005 with a slew of releases on esteemed labels such as Dirt Crew, Audiomatique, and Mule Electronic. But the production side of Harris came last: he'd already been spinning tech house since the early 00s with the likes of Mr. C and Superfreq. The 2007 version of Harris – melancholy, minimal-tinged – obviously came about through extensive time in his Brooklyn studio, honing a sound a good bit away from his techier roots. A nice by-product of his efforts? The aforementioned slew. Harris has kept up a busy release schedule, with more tracks than he knows what to do with. So much so, in fact, that he's started his own label (Ransom Note) as an outlet. Far from being the menacing twelve that you might expect from the label's name, or even the twelve-inch's funnel head sleeve art, 'Tewa' is an emotional tune built around a sweeping synth line. None is more touching than the melodic theme that emerges at the three-minute mark, but there's plenty of melancholy to go around. Anchored by a steady beat and usefully aggravated by skittering insectile buzzing throughout, it's a warm evocation of fading memories of youth. Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom) and Inxec (Contexterrior) don't bother with the heartstrings in their remix on the flipside. They're all business, speeding up one of the original's synth lines to a breakneck pace and racing towards a climactic siren that'll have you hanging on for dear life. In other words, a track primed for peaktime.
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      A Tewa (Original) B Tewa (Matt Tolfrey & Inxec Remix)