Christian Prommer/Muallem - Compost Black Label #24: Houseworx Pt. 1

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  • In a 1982 analysis of the Linn Drum Computer, the reviewer for Keyboard Magazine compared the sound of the existing competition to "marching anteaters." They were, of course, referring to the TR-808, one of the only other programmable drum machines on the market. On Compost's Black Label #24, Christian Prommer and David Muallem take up the same challenge that producers have for years since: how do you make anteaters bang? Prommer and Muallem got together in rainy Bavaria, as the story goes, and recorded a live half-hour session with the machine and a synthesizer, crafting a number of sounds that each would take back to their studios and work on individually. The result of Prommer's handiwork, 'I Came to Play,' is a deep house epic that takes the improvisatory flair of Cobblestone Jazz welded to the deep space excursions of Cosmic Sandwich. It's Villalobos, but, you know... not. Muallem's track, 'I Came to Jack,' places the bass much higher in the mix, amping up the intensity of Prommer's purposeful meandering. As you might expect from the title, this mix is strictly for dancing – even if the graceful complexity of the many elements remains. Anteaters! Who knew?
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      A Christian Prommer - I Came To Play B Muallem - I Came To Jack