Moguai - Ataque

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  • 2007 has seen German DJ/producer Moguai move in a different musical direction, and 'Ataque' is no exception. Best known for hooky, electro influenced house and breaks with a rock ‘n roll sensibility, his recent work is more techno/electro. I’m really digging the new sound and with remix support from Meat Katie and Guy Gerber, this release does no wrong. Like ‘Robot Soul’ released earlier this year, ‘Ataque’ is an excursion into deep progressive electro-tech, but with a darker heart. The hook is a squelching, ravey type stab that continuously moves and morphs over the top a gritty synth and punchy drums that glitch and pop in all the right places. Minimal in parts, but not in sound, the track has a moody, filmic quality to it that would be right at home in the soundtrack to some bleak, futuristic art-house film. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more of this from Mr. M. Guy Gerber’s mix is a deep, dark tribal progressive number reminiscent of his recent release ‘The Pilgrim'. While deep and dark is nothing new for Guy, he’s really nailed the sound in this one. As always, the synth work really shines, and once again his arrangement really make this one special, particularly in the second half of the track. All the sounds have gorgeous analogue warmth to them, and the overall effect is at once heady, soothing and infectiously groovy. Meat Katie's remix is a deep and dark progressive/electro stomper. Primarily known as a breakbeat producer, this track does nothing but pound fours to the floor. Moguai’s hook gets hammered by several sizzling synths while the trademark Meat Katie sub-bass pulses its way through a typical electro style progression. This is your quintessential peak hour stormer, fit to send a floor into over-drive. Dial ‘M’ for more like this please.
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      A Ataque (Original) B1 Ataque (Guy Gerber Remix) B2 Ataque (Meat Katie Remix)