Kate Wax - Remixed

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  • I'm sure that on paper these remixers would get anybody reasonable wetting themselves with joy. And with the inclusion of Ellen Allien and Apparat, responsible for last year's genius 'Orchestra of Bubbles', I would have agreed with them. Alas, theory doesn't always square with practice and this EP proves somewhat of a letdown from otherwise high class operators. Ellen Allien and Apparat's remix of 'Beetles and Spiders' fires spectacularly into mediocrity. It hints at the delicate beauty they are capable of yet frustratingly never comes close to it. The fact that the track is given a minimal, Berlin-sound style makeover is initially encouraging, but the pair have used little of their copious invention and talent to differentiate it from the hundreds of other similar tracks reverberating round trendy warehouses in cities across the world. Disappointing. Hoover house maestro Surkin's rework of 'Catch the Buzz' is like almost every other Surkin remix: chopped up Baile funk style vocals, moronic bleeping and a farty bassline. The rave stabs at the end are cool, but overall it's pretty forgettable. It falls to Dave the Hustler to lift things up. His version of 'Cash on Time' is a fantastic piece of electro funk with beats that sound like they're ground out by pistons. I'm not sure if his name is a reference to the Simian Mobile Disco track 'The Hustler', but this track a similar feel, and musically it's on a par, too. The tiny disco string inserts also remind you of Busy P's more fun disco shenanigans like his remix of 'What's Your Name Again' on the 'Rainbow Man EP', which can't be a bad thing.
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      A Cash on Time (Dave the Hustler Long Remix) B1 Beetles & Spider (Ellen Allien & Apparat Remix) B2 Catch the Buzz (Surkin 2005 Remix)