Fuckpony - Lady Judy

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  • Jay Haze, the man of many monikers, is back in probably his most critically and commercially successful guise, Fuckpony. 'Lady Judy' a stormer of a track. Apparently the hard partying Judy who stars in the story here has a penchant for huffing balloons, recalling the age old fable of a certain mysterious Lady Judy, who on a rare occasion, may be glimpsed working her thing in the cavernous depths of Farringdon, Londinium. At any rate, anyone who’s ever been to the dark, recesses of Fabric will empathize with the narrator (the infamous Lil Dirty Ghetto Bastard) as he searches in vain for the heroine. The swirling sound effects and vocal pitch shifts on display create a sense of confusion and disorientation, cleverly evoking feelings of an altered state of reality, which Lil Dirty seems to be descending down into. Sonically, this track is made for a huge sound system. It’s a grandiose techno stomper, reminiscent of Green Velvet’s 'Flash', complete with cymbal-crashing intervals, and the driving kick drums and hi hats keep things moving at a torrid pace. Matthew Styles and Jamie Jones from Crosstown Rebels offer a more chilled out introspective version. Lil Ghetto’s vocals are basically the same, but the beats are squiggly and sparse, subtle yet effective. The abrasiveness of the Fuckpony take never comes into play, rather it grooves along at mellow pace. In the end we get two clever versions, comical, yet with the beats to back them up. Haze gives us 4 a.m. peak time, while Styles and Jones takes us well beyond the after party.
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      A1 Lady Judy (Fuckpony version) B Lady Judy (Matthew Styles & Jamie Jones)