Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse

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  • After pushing their music on net labels like No Response and their own imprint Gewinnt Freunde, German live electronic duo Kollektive Turmstrasse get their first big release with a double A-side on Connaisseur. 'Tristresse' is cutely electronic without holding much appeal for the casual house enthusiast. Beginning with sombre guitar and glistening cinematics, the body of the track is built around brittle percussive snaps, simple bass notes, and elegantly solemn pads and strings. It's a downtempo approach to house which should be both applauded for its depth and musicality, but it lacks the energy to find favour on many floors. 'Heiligendamm' takes a more decisive route towards the dancefloor with earthy drums leading to a rollicking bassline and classic Detroitesque piano stabs. The melodic techno of the first half gives way to a darker second section after the breakdown, pushed along by bolder percussion and rhythm that finish the track with a flurry. Both track are artistically impressive, but unfortunately Kollektive Turmstrasse may find themselves unappreciated with this EP. While it’s commendable for Connaisseur to break from the club-friendly tech-house expected of them, this release won’t pump too many fists.
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      A Tristesse B Heiligendamm