Various Artists - Inhouse Vol. 2

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  • ‘Inhouse Vol. 2’ is the second in the series of label overviews from Moon Harbour Recordings, the up and coming (deep) house label from Germany´s central east. The compilation originally came out as a double vinyl set of exclusive tracks, including efforts from label boss Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik and Luna City Express, the artful mixers of this CD version, but while the vinyl was a solid compilation without a single dud track, it somehow lacked a final absolute killer moment to take it over the threshold. Perhaps it suffered from being aimed at DJs rather than something for the home listener to follow back to back? In any case, the final step over the edge has arrived in the form of said Luna City Express (Berlin-based Norman Webber and Marco Resmann, also known himself as Phage). The dynamic duo have taken all of the eight vinyl tracks and weaved them together with six of the best of Moon Harbour´s back catalogue to create a sprightly and beguilingly diverse stream of music. This is indeed one of the highlights of the package: LCE seem to know exactly what to pinpoint in each of the varied tracks without losing the seam that holds them together. The set travels from the sensuous house of Tanzmann´s opener ´Still Like It Like That´ (from the original vinyl), heading through micro-house dub vibrations, tight pinpoint specks of minimal and even the nu-jazz periphery of Marlow’s ´So Mellow, So Sweet´ (again on the vinyl) before heading back again. LCE use a little patience and a strong ear for the label’s deeper side to take things up and down at the right pace, always playing to label's best moments and taking advantage of the mixing to give back to ‘Vol. 2’ what the vinyl couldn’t do on its own. There isn’t a bad moment here and finding a key track is impossible. There is also a great feeling of lightness and play that is dynamic and, dare I say it, genuinely entertaining. As a label mix, there isn’t even a hint of arrogance or nepotism; always LCE let the music be itself and again, the distinctness of each track is a high point. Highly recommended if you like a little house or are searching for an introduction to a label that is, and will be, worth watching.
  • Tracklist
      1. Luna City Express - Moon Harbour Intro 2. Matthias Tanzmann - Still Like It Like That 3. Leif - Borderline 4. Luna City Express - Kick Your Ass 5. Dan Drastic - Somebody´s Touching Me 6. Leif & Tom Ellis - Shed 7. Matthias Tanzmann - Kutaisi 8. Michal Ho feat. Lil' Dirty - Break Free 9. Marlow & Delhia - Movin (M.Tanzmann rmx) 10. Marlow – So Mellow, So Sweet 11. Tanzmann & Stefanik – Basic Needs 12. Samim – Eco 13. Tanzmann & Stefanik – Jacuzzi 14. Luna City Express - Para Siempre 15. Daniel Stefanik - Le Avenues