Anja Schneider - Loop De Mer

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  • Between running her own label Mobilee, DJing around the world and broadcasting a weekly radio show, Anja Schneider has somehow found time to release two solid tracks with a little help from co-producer Paul Brtschitsch. A quick warning, I wouldn’t recommend consuming any mind-altering psychedelics before listening to title track ‘Loop De Mer.’ It’s a broody tripped out mind-bender, which wouldn’t feel out of place as the score to ‘Psycho’. With no builds or breakdowns, rhythms and effects dart in out creating a layer of intensity that leaves you on edge. It’s dark and seedy, and could be used as a nice bridge track to set the tone for harder more minimal sounds to come. B-side ‘Belize’ is a lighter shuffling house affair, with the rhythmic toms giving proceedings a pleasant deepness. A more sinister side appears though with the introduction of the eerie siren effect, which punctuates the second half of the track. It’s the type of sound one might here on re-runs of the 1960’s Batman TV series, when the bad guys are introduced onto the scene. The track is a contradiction of sorts, with both relaxing and heavy elements at play, yet somehow they work together. The accompanying press release says that the “hissing ride cymbals [on Loop De Mer] cut through the murk like a flash of shark fins,” and that Belize has an “irresistible melody that swirls like dandelion tufts on the last days of summer,” but I wouldn’t go that far. Both tracks should, nonetheless, get some nods of approval on the dancefloor.
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      A Loop De Mer B Belize