Marlow & Claudia Nehls - Water

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  • Moon Harbour's brand of deep German house music couldn't be more in fashion than it is right now, despite the fact that the Leipzig label has been around for almost eight years. With thirty releases in that time, they don't churn out the records like some labels, but the quality is almost always high. Of course when you count Daniel Stefanik as one of your in-house producers, that's not surprising. Stefanik is easily one of the most consistently innovative producers in the German scene, and his remix of Marlow's ‘Water’ here is the highlight of the package. A percussive dubby intro gives way to classic synth stabs that ooze drama. It's a deceptive remix which is sequenced quite unusually. The first half is all minimal clicks and pops but once the strings drop the track goes from simple floorworker to inspirational deep house anthem in seconds, making it a real bomb for DJs and a fine remix. Jackmate provides the next version, and the rocksteady Stuttgart artist takes the track on a more acidic journey, sprinkling soft percussion over a 303 bassline and building a really simple groove. This is a harder more jacking take on ‘Water’ than Stefanik's, but it's also a little more anonymous, though not useless by any means. To complete the package, Marlow provide their own remix, a chopped up almost broken beat version of the track that carries an entirely different appeal to the first two versions, and finishes off a wide ranging and worthwhile 12”.
  • Tracklist
      A Water (Daniel Stefanik Remix) B1 Water (Jackmate Remix) B2 Water (Marlow's Cutz & Pieces)