The Viewers - Blank Images

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  • ‘Blank Images’ appears to be the first release by The Viewers, which is all we know about this mysterious new act on Poker Flat’s daughter label Audiomatique. The title track is a competent, straight-forward affair with a melodic piano sequence and electro tinged basslines. The hi-hats kick in where they should kick in, the layers build where they should build and the climax and drop come where one would expect them to – a bit of a paint-by-numbers affair, but tastefully done and enjoyable to listen to, although it won’t live long in the memory. The Lazy Fat People remix adds a little extra punch, laying bare a few techniques they’ve learned along the way after releases on Border Community and Wagon Repair. A bit more rolling and hypnotic, they strip out the melody and beef up the back end before finally breaking down into a taste of the piano and riding on home at an intensified pace. And then we come to ‘Sharp Of Fades,’ which I expect we’ll be hearing a lot of over the summer. Little effects trickling out here and there over the top of a minimal driving bassline and a mysterious melody will make this one catchy enough to pique any crowd’s interest. When things start to go quiet and spooky, the inevitable rumbling drop emerges, yet strangely it still catches you off-guard with its window rattling intensity. Things then switch gears into a full on electro monster. This track will be popular, but is it good? It is a little formulaic, still, but played in the right hands and listened to in the right state, the crowd will be satisfied.
  • Tracklist
      A Blank Images B1 Blank Images (Lazy Fat People Remix) B2 Sharp of Fades