Wink - Thick as Thieves

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  • When you’ve produced such classics as ‘Don’t Laugh’ and ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ in your long and distinguished career, expectations can sometimes be unfairly high, but in all honesty, I expected more from Josh Wink. ‘Thick as Thieves’ is decidingly underwhelming, especially given its release on Steve Bug’s reputable Poker Flat label. Wink’s trademark style is in full effect here and the 303 lines come out to play, chugging along, twisting and turning for over ten minutes but not really doing much in the end. Perhaps this was meant as a DJ tool? Maybe I’m just not playing it loud enough? Or perhaps the title of the track is a pun on what the average punter will endure listening to on the dancefloor. The b-side ‘Acid Tonic’ is a relentless acid number that will appeal to old school ravers, but perhaps not those who like their electronic music a little bit more sophisticated. It starts off with a bouncy bassline a la Wink’s ‘Freaks’ but much like its namesake, the acid just goes on and on. In my younger years my mom used to describe the dance music booming from my room as a washing machine, hearing it only as a monotonous appliance-like drone. I used to chastise her for just not getting it. Can’t you hear the layers, the nuances, can’t you feel the emotion? After hearing these tracks, if you’re reading this, Mom, I would just like to say I owe you a huge apology.
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      A Thick as Thieves B Acid Tonic