Joel Mull - The End has Begun

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  • Joel Mull is one of those fellows that has been around for years. His name is not widely known but I suspect you’d have a tough time finding someone who hasn’t heard a tune by him in a club at one point or another. His releases have ranged from labels such as Kanzleramt to Underwater and back, making it difficult to define him as just another techno producer. What he is is yet another understated, but quite accomplished, talent from Sweden that makes interesting dance music. On this release on Brooklyn’s Railyard Recordings, Joel shows just how techy he can take a house tune without completely losing his roots. But there are other ghosts here: Am I right to say that there are a growing number of tracks out there which sound like progressive house of old? If John Digweed compiled another GU Los Angeles mix, this could very find its way onto it. ‘The End Has Begun’ has a dark and somewhat haunting tone that erupts into a throbbing climax and then recycles itself at the end. It might be revamped prog, but it's intriguing stuff that’s bound for big systems at the end of the evening. Mathew Jonson remixes the track on the flip, and although I was anticipating his reworking more than the original, it pales in comparison. Jonson extends it by four and half minutes into a swirling, atmospheric drone that does nothing but beg for an end. Mr. Wagon Repair is usually spot on, but this just gets lost in the over-indulgence of its own being. This release goes to show that Swedes are still the kings of producing dark material. Joel Mull has already done some big things, but perhaps now he will properly be recognized for them.
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      A The End Has Begun (Original) B The End Has Begun (Mathew Jonson Rmx)