Slam - Azure

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  • Slam seem to take a long time to release stuff. ‘Azure’ is their first single of 2007 (which you’ll see on their forthcoming album), but you’ll have to go back to May 2006 for their last effort, which was a mix CD. Yet it’s not like anyone has forgotten about the Scottish kingpins. With the link to Glasgow’s underground scene and their perennial dates at the ‘Slam Tent’ at T in The Park, Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan are just about untouchable to their fans. It’s nice to see their name on a product again. ‘Azure Part 1’ is industrial and beautifully crafted, sequenced with precision and deep textures, yet entirely subtle. When the kick drum and techno riff starts this off, you might think oh no – this clocks in at ten minutes and I’ve already got the gist of it, but stay tuned: the cut rolls ahead in a surprising and un-annoying fashion with deep, warm pads, thoughtful synths and delayed FX & percussion completing the picture. It’s over before you know it, and you’ll want to be hearing this again and again, in different environments and in different states (mostly when jacked-up though). ‘Azure Part 2’ sounds the same, but maybe it’s more a reluctant-electro-hero – darker and lonelier. When the synths appear they sound delicate and then anxious, gradually gearing up to crescendo and climax. Very usable. Good stuff here by Slam, making contemporary use of classic sounds. ‘Azure’ certainly piques one’s interest in their long-player – don’t keep us waiting too long now.
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      A Azure (Part 1) B Azure (Part 2)