Claude VonStroke – Chimps

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  • If Simian Mobile Disco made a record that sounded like their name, this would be it. Yes, we're talking acid-soaked minimal house. With apes. 'Chimps' really is a mental one but from VonStroke (who came up with 'The Whistler' for goodness sakes) it's to be expected – and encouraged. The sanest of the four tracks is the original, or the 'Extended DJ Mix' in which tough Tres Demented-esque synths barge their way into jungle drums whilst apes swing around the background and cackle at the end of each phrase. The highlight is the breakdown: In place of a house diva, as one would expect on a more orthodox house record, VonStroke opts for a monkey squawking like its being tickled by a feather duster. As you do. Trevor Loveys' digital-only take made me grimace like I'd just eaten a mouldy gherkin. He does for this track what Diplo did for his 'The Whistler' remix, i.e. make it an awful lot ruder. Jochen Trappe's version has neat and precise clicks and hisses which will appeal to James Holden fans, while Alland Byallo makes ‘Chimps’ sound like an incontinent bottom. 'Chimps' might not be up to Aphex Twin levels of craziness, but it's definitely loco in the coco(nut).
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      A Chimps (Claude VonStroke Mix) B1 Chimps (Jochen Trappe Remix) B2 Chimps (Alland Byallo Remix) Digital Chimps (Trevor Loveys Remix)