Modeselektor - Boogy Bytes Vol. 3

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  • When the first CD from the ‘Boogy Bytes’ series was released in February of last year, the BPitch Control press release promised “25 tracks, all digitally spliced and diced, then layered on top and within one another like a fine Finnish pastry”, and this is exactly what Kiki’s take on the idea delivered (incidentally, it was eventually named RA’s 4th Best Compilation of 2006). But by the time of Sascha Funke’s mix a few months later, we were taken right back to straightforward mixing territory: track selection aside, gone was Finnish pastry-like vertical composition, and in its place were slightly more conventional and horizontal arrangements, hence the slight feeling of letdown volume two somehow created. Now that German duo and BPitch’s own multifaceted Modeselektor are at the helm, though, eclecticism is back at the roots of the series, and ‘Boogy Bytes Vol. 3’ could even be one of this year’s most out-there and all-encompassing mixes. If you were into Modeselektor’s wide arrayed tastes (as displayed on ‘Hello Mum’, their first artist album released in 2005), then ‘Boogy Bytes Vol. 3’ will be right up your alley. I mean, where else could you hear Spank Rock, Paul Kalkbrenner and James Holden lined up and blended into one another? Even another airing of ‘Erotic Discourse’ (remember: there is no such thing as an overplayed track or an overplayer, only overplayees) is playfully introduced and combined to C’Hantal’s shouting and sexed-up ‘The Realm’ acapella. The Errorsmith/Robag Wruhme/Female/Krause Duo short sequence does sound like an entirely renewed creation, and the last fifteen minutes of the mix, going from TTC, Clatterbox and Mr. Oizo to u-Ziq and Radiohead in one amazingly sinuous path, is more likely to leave you besotted, if not a bit dizzy, in the most facetious of manners. Overall, Modeselektor’s choices, albeit momentarily spaced-out and maybe a bit too trippy for some (the ‘Poor People Must Work’/’Southern Comfort’/’Moog Acid’ succession, for example, during which the pitch is slowed down to almost chilling mode), are a surprisingly odd proposition next to what the BPitch Control roster got us accustomed to, and ‘Boogy Bytes Vol. 3’ a refreshing reminder of what DJ mixes can do to otherwise disparate discothèques.
  • Tracklist
      1 Intro by The Panacea 2 Siriusmo - Wow 3 Detroit Experiment - Vernors 4 Flying Lotus - 1983 5 Spank Rock – Rick Rubin 6 Paul Kalkbrenner – Gia2000 (Modeselektor rmx) 7 James Holden – Idiot 8 Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse / Audiojack rmx - (Xtremely Touched by MDSLKTR) 9 C'hantal – The Realm (Acapella) 10 Nathan Fake – Charlie’s House (Apparat rmx) 11 Errorsmith – Free For All Robag Wruhme – Papp Tonikk Female – Cally2 Krause Duo - Tigerbett 12 Skream – Midnight Request Line Angelo Battilani - Empty 13 Rhythm & Sound W/Bobbo Shanti – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig rmx) 14 Burial – Southern Comfort 15 Jean Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert – Moog Acid (Plasticman rmx) Philipe Cam - Karine 16 Various Production – Lost 17 Fillin # 1 18 Siriusmo - Discosau 19 Fillin # 2 feat. Teki Latex 20 Modeselektor feat. TTC – Une Bande De Mec Sympa 21 Clatterbox – Collision Detection 22 Mr. Oizo – Half a Scissor 23 Marcel Dettmann – Just Do It Errorsmith - A1/ERR001 24 u-Ziq – u-Ziq Theme 25 Phon.o – Ridin Dirty 26 Radiohead - Idioteque 27 Outro by Modeselektor