Junior Boys - Like A Child/Double Shadow (Remixes)

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  • Is ‘prolific’ an unjustified word to describe Carl Craig and his slew of quality remixes over the years? I don’t think so, and now ‘Like a Child’ by the Canadian electro pop duo Junior Boys can be added to the output list. Like their British counterparts Hot Chip, the Boys have crossover appeal to both ravers and rockers alike. I’m always a sucker for some quality vocals in my house music thus ‘Like a Child’ lends itself well to the remix treatment with Jeremy Greenspan’s sultry whisperings leading the charge. Craig strips it all back to great effect, speeding things up for the dance floor and leaving only a continuous loop of the opening melody. While the original is a slow dreamy melodic number, Craig creates a building intensity, really stretching it out. After working you up for a good four minutes, the beat finally drops and you are left with a sense of satisfaction that Carl has come through again; all that’s left is to shake your ass and ride it on home. South London via Glasgow’s Kode 9 admirably represents the dubstep sound with his reinterpretation of ‘Double Shadow.’ This is actually Kode 9’s second go-round with the Junior Boys, previously reworking ‘Stalker’ back in 2004. I say reinterpretation rather than remix, as hardly any of the original elements of the song are present except for a single guitar riff (with the proverbial dubbed out delay added of course) and the sinister utterings “You’re two-faced…your lost twin…you’re my double shadow” delivered to great effect by a vocal that sounds more like vintage Massive Attack than Junior Boys. This track has a really sleazy element to it and I could easily imagine myself cranking this out while cruising down the street in my 5.0 with the rag top down so my hair can blow. At the end of the day dubstep is dubstep and this track ticks all the archetypal boxes. Dark: check. Low BPMs with lots of delay: check. Sinister vocals: check. Whether the ravers and rockers will be willing to make the jump to the dubby dark side is another story.
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      A Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix) B Double Shadow (Kode9 Remix)