Aril Brikha - Akire

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  • Sweden’s Aril Brikha isn’t the most prolific of producers. His latest offering on Poker Flat is only his second single since 2005, the other being his recent Kompakt 12”. Prolific he may not be, but when Brikha does release something it’s usually because he’s spent time putting together something of quality, as both of these singles will attest. The three straight-up club tracks here wont surprise or offend anybody who’s familiar with his work. The title track ‘Akire’ captures some glitter ball light and shines it on an electro core, letting it sparkle for eight dreamy minutes. It doesn’t try too hard and just lets all the movement come of its own will. ‘To Begin’ opens the B-side and saunters in with a fatter bottom end that contrasts nicely with smooth champagne cocktail washes over the top that come straight out of Detroit. ‘Life Like’ pays homage to Jeff Mills in name, but musically it's more a techno-soul homage to Jean Michel Jarre or even Kirk Degiorgio. Its retro jets of warm water slow things down a little for a swaggering finish.
  • Tracklist
      A Akire B1 To Begin B2 Life Like