Kieren Hebden & Steve Reid - People Be Happy/Rhythm Dance

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  • This is the second remix release from Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid’s ‘Tongues’ album. Like its sister ‘The Sun Never Sets’, Reid’s afro-jazz roots are writ large over it. This time, however, it’s less like Fela Kuti with synthesizers and more like Konono No.1’s ‘Congotronics’ album with its trance-inducing homemade electric versions of African instruments. The original track, presented here in an extended version, is savannah-spanning Africanised techno with marching 4/4 beats and harsh but somehow organic sounding buzzes and whistles. It’s hypnotic and enervating and I can already picture Ricardo Villalobos dropping it. It also feels somehow quite Matthew Dear-ish so the choice of using him, under his Audion guise, as the remixer is very appropriate. These guys really have good taste. Weirdly enough, the remix actually sounds more African and less techno than the original. Dear adds some polyrhythms and a hypnotic repeating melody, and after a couple of minutes of listening I’m already watching out for hyenas lurking behind the bushes. Then four minutes in, Matthew remembers how well those sirens worked on ‘Mouth to Mouth’ and so we get to hear them again, but I forgive him for this because just then a perky plucked tune takes over creating that wiggly feeling that you can dance to forever. One more siren interjection and suddenly all the elements come together to create a catchy loop and one hell of a fun track. Overall, this is a very unexpected effort from Audion, who is just going from strength to strength. Funky, surprising and catchy, I expect it to get played a lot this year.
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      A People Be Happy/Rhythm Dance (Audion''s Highlight mix) B Rhythm Dance (Extended Version)