Ben Klock/Safety Scissors - Camping 01

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  • This is the first of three singles highlighting the more club-oriented tracks from Bpitch Control’s ‘Camping 3’ compilation. Unfortunately, they are not extended versions: Ben Klock’s ‘Similar Colors’ lasts a mere five and a half minutes. A shame, since it’s a dub monster waiting to wreak havoc on the dancefloor. It has the right pace, the right complexity and an incredible lure that frustrates only because it doesn’t keep going. Tribal toms pound over stretched skins as dub warfare rages in the distance, before the introduction of a battery of metallic and glassy percussive syncopations that map the spaces of no man’s land. Yet just when you hope the shelling will get heavier, the battle draws away and it’s over. This could easily be Klock’s best work to date. Ellen Allien’s remix on the B-side is longer, but not as DJ friendly. ‘Where is Germany and How Do I Get There?’ was the last track on the Safety Scissors’ 2005 ~scape album ‘Tainted Lunch’, but here it surrenders to a more pensive tone, stripped of its bleepy humour and vocals. This is a good thing; Ironic and twee vocals are best left to Mouse on Mars after all, and, Mathew Curry, although more often musically on the mark than not, has often come under friendly fire for letting the geek win the day at the mic. Ellen Allien´s remix heeds the good advice and although too slow to get you up and over the trenches, there is a measure of brooding and suspense in the two-note bass and regular marching beat that begs action. But again, it’s another track that frustrates because it is good enough to leave you expecting more.
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      A Ben Klock - Similar Colors B Safety Scissors - Where Is Germany And How Do I Get There? (Ellen Allien Germany Remix)