Justin Martin - The Fugitive

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  • Justin Martin released his debut 'The Sad Piano' on Ben Watt's label Buzzin' Fly in 2003 to critical acclaim. These days he runs the Dirtybird imprint together with Claude von Stroke, where he recently released 'Stoopit' together with his brother Chris as (unsurprisingly) The Martin Brothers. Looks like these guys are aiming to establish the f#§&-ed up vocal sample as their trademark, since A-side 'The Fugitive' uses a mangled and warped sample as the attention-getter in a similar vein to what the brothers did on 'Stoopit' or Claude von Stroke's time-pitch excesses on 'Deep Throat'. This particular fugitive seems to be in no great hurry to be getting anywhere as the track skips along quite happily with a bouncy synth-line and some funked-up mid-frequency madness that adds a bit of quirk and jerk to great effect. Throw in the occasional whoosh that will get hands in the air faster than Pavlov's dogs can start to salivate, and you have a pleasant floor filler that does not take itself too seriously. On the B, ‘The Water Song’ may not be as instantly recognizable as the A-side, but it’ll still get your feet tapping, head nodding with catchy drums and a bassline that can only be described as gnarly. All in all, 'The Fugitive' makes for a worthy addition to the Buzzin' Fly catalogue.
  • Tracklist
      A The Fugitive B The Water Song