Alexi Delano - What Is Control

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  • Ever get the feeling that there are too many people producing similar tracks? The latest release from Alexi Delano is a case in point. Title track 'What is Control' takes a crack at being a moody affair with a weird vox spouting meaningless utterances amid jangly keys. It’s another stab at the now common-as-muck creepy minimal house routine, this time stretched to around fifteen unbearably murky minutes. On the flip 'Not My Enemy' is a real noodle and glitch fest, with Magda influences that never really amount to much. Minimal by numbers stuff like this will go down hook, line and sinker with those who follow trends religiously. Devoid of groove and rhythm, Delano fails to match last year’s successful collabs with Xpansul and his great rerub of Electronic Resistance' 'Exposure'. 'What is the Point?' might have been a more apt title.
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      A What Is Control B Not My Enemy