Minilogue - The Leopard Rmx

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  • Minilogue’s most euphoric moment of 2006 receives here its first remixes of 2007. In my book the best remixes are those that completely rework a track to bring to the fore an element that was not obvious in the original, giving you an irresistible blend of the familiar and the strange. These remixes do not fall into that camp, preferring instead to be minor updates to the same basic formula. I was expecting Extrawelt to turn in something tough and chewy based on their recent output, but in this case they clearly decided against pushing water uphill and stuck with the mellow happy mood of the original. The beats and the bass are a little more to the fore and there is a bit of a Bodzin-y flavour to the whole affair, but it’s hardly a radical reworking and clubbers with particularly flayed synapses might not even notice the difference once the big cloudy synths float in. On the flip newcomer Roel H turns in the more noteworthy remix. It’s epic – Traum know cos they measured it. He adds a rock-ish bass guitar sound and then stretches the track over a considerable length of time with much added drama in the form of builds and drops. Much like the original, this should go down fantastically well with the more chemically facilitated audiences.
  • Tracklist
      A The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix) B The Leopard (Roel H Remix)