Reynold - My Favorite Film, Remixed

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  • French minimal-tech artist Reynold released his debut artist album ‘My Favorite Film’ not long ago. With its ambient drones and quirky electronic beats, it seems a far cry to the grooving minimal techno sounds of singles past. But if you only like your Reynold served dancefloor, fear not, as a remix package was put together to 4x4 up Reynold’s atmospherics. Donato Dozzy got the call up to remix ‘Over There’. It’s a rolling, throbbing techno number with a creeping acid bassline and sweeping melodies that build from a blissful, glockenspiel layered intro. With a real cinematic feel to it, it makes me want to speed across windswept tundra on a white horse, seeking refuge in a dazzling blue ice-castle. The frostiness of Dozzy’s remix is perfectly balanced though by Persona Records label boss Stewart Walker, who takes on ‘Persian Indigo’. Opting for a more house approach, Walker creates a perfect summertime track. Walker makes use of Reynold’s piano stabs and guitarwork, and adds a deep funky bassline that is guaranteed to make you smile and reach for some kind of decorative-umbrella adorned cocktail.
  • Tracklist
      A Over There (Donato Dozzy Mix) (9:40) B Persian Indigo (Stewart Walker "Wish I Was There" Mix)