Redshape - Misc Usage

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  • It’s a sign of the times when new producers start ‘covering’ the classic sounds that have influenced the development of the music. Just as Wolfmother is unto Black Sabbath, so Redshape is unto early Planet E. These three mesmelodic, fiendishly simple but ‘party guaranteed’ cuts work for the same reason Carl Craig’s tracks did the first time round – they take a keenly tuned, simple motif, and give it a full-bore workout. ‘Cashmere’ begins with a very Derrick May synth ditty, which is then put to work with a dry, thudding kick and occasional, dizzy pitch bends. It’s an unremarkable track compared to ‘Misc Usage’, which features an extremely Paperclip People-ish melodic refrain that wiggles as it growls, slowly building tension that never quite releases. “Once is Never”, as the saying goes, and Redshape here seem to be re-proving the forgotten lessons in beauty and impact that the Detroit innovators taught us the first time. While in our culture at least ‘innovation’ has a higher value than ‘imitation’, Redshape’s homages are so sincere, and in the final analysis, so effective, that they stand as an achievement on their own. Check out the ‘Red Dust’ EP before you dig this one, but keep an eye on this guy. The future of the past never sounded more contemporary.
  • Tracklist
      A Misc Usage B1 Cashmere B2 Dirt One