Nôze - Remember Love

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  • The first twenty seconds of 'Only Love' are nothing short of AMAZING – a looped piano that sounds like 'Strings Of Life' as played by Chas and Dave. You can almost see Derrick May sitting at the piano in a fag-stained East End boozer, pint of old peculiar resting on top, a Babs Windsor lookalike at his side, washboard under his arm, knocking this little ditty out. Almost… A sense of order (of sorts) returns when the clipped, skippy drums drop and one member of this fantastically odd French band steps up to the mic. The stop-start broken Franco-English vocals during the verse add to the air of devious whimsy, while the deadpan singalong chorus – 'Everybody's happy to believe in love' – from another member turns the screw further. This is what Herbert gone rave might sound like – a bit of a novelty for sure, but one to savour. The DOP remix drops the piano (boo!), re-intrerprets the vocal in breathy FM rock style and adds more bite with some scratchy FX. Not a patch on the original obviously.
  • Tracklist
      A Remember Love B Remember Love (Dop Remix)