Sascha Funke - Auf Aix

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  • Sporting the coolest name in techno, Sascha Funke has brightened the reputation of every label he's represented. His colourful late-nineties work for Kompakt helped draw their early template, and as the resident heavy-hitter for BPitch Control he's released a string of superb dance-floor workouts eclipsing most of his colleagues (ignoring the dreary Chloe collaboration). His mix for their Boogybytes series was one of last years hits, and who could resist his windswept mustachioed profile on the cover? He's also one of the few producers in the impersonal world of minimal with a recognisable sound - his percussion smacks with the force and friction of a horse whip - and while 'Auf Aix' isn't breaking any moulds, it’s a fine addition to his portfolio. Built around a bleached dry dub stab, the self-titled A-side is physically the emptier but still throbs with a tense funk, built from the barest of means. Like his scene-stealing mix of Thomas Fehlmann's 'Radeln' on Kompakt 100, its all about forward drive and sleek structure, with drums so smart they leave welts. 'Ey' features rhythms just as tight, cracked grey pulses and beefier tone bursts, the action all taking place in the lower end. The 'ey' is tugged and stretched into broken stutter, hinting at an exposure to the more intricate worlds of Mobilee or M_nus, but Funke keeps things reined in nice and simple. Not quite up to the high standard of his 'Boy' or 'In Between Days' 12s, this nonetheless offers two fine percussive tools.
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      A Auf Aix B Ey