Florian Meindl - Chase the Robot

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  • Trapez follow SLG's ruddy amazing 'Caffine' (if you don't have this in the box/laptop, you’re missing out) with another confident and correct floor-quaker. 'Chase The Robot' is a persuasive peak-time weapon that follows the well-trodden build/drop/build/drop/etc path, but don't we all need a bit more fun in our lives? Anyway, this does what it does with enough smart to merit your attention. At the lower-end, an elongated, evil 303 lick rubs shoulders with a doubled-up bassline and crisp jacking, driving drums (the real key to this track's success), whilst up top, there's divilment-a-plenty going on. 'Pecan'-referencing squeaky stabs herald the start of the action ahead of the four (four!) drops – two of which cause serious hip bother, thanks to the kooky, melodic stabs and decidedly large squealing synths. In the wrong hands, this could be cheese, but Meindl remains just the right side of 'electro' thanks to his off-beat programming and general techno-ness. On ze flip, 'Worms' is a more heads-down groove, with a buzzy bassline, spiffing percussive layers that doff a cap to Chicago, a wailing delayed siren, unexpected schaffel-fuelled passages and head-spinning break that cares little for your conventional time signatures, foolish earthling.
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      A Chase The Robot B Worms