Martin Brothers - The Martin Brothers EP

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  • Claude Von Stroke and Dirtybird Records have been enjoying their six minutes of fame of late (CVS has been selected as the first DC-10 resident for 2007), and next up on the label Justin Martin and brother Christian step up to bother the booty babes in San Fran. Justin Martin is hitting good form: His new one ‘The Fugitive’ on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly imprint is causing a fuss, and ‘Stoopit’ will definitely appeal to the ladies on the floor and B-boys with clean white sneakers. Percussion and samples are dropped neatly before an itchy bitch vocal arrives with some promise – this is broken, choppy stuff with the bump and sleaze of Kate Moss. The flip on this 12” is ‘Venus Fly Trap’, slightly more straight-headed, but again with the signature Dirtybird sound: big riffs and nagging lead samples. It’s humorous stuff, but it definitely does not carry the compact integrity of ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’ and ‘Deep Throat’. Nevertheless, a good stab at the jumpy, bumpy end of the scale. This one is like Marmite: either dig it or bin it. Your choice.
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      A Stoopit B Venus Fly Trap