Heartthrob - Baby Kate Remixes

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  • Reportedly inspired by supermodel Kate Moss (and quite possibly a symbol of her own recent troubles), Heartthrob’s ‘Baby Kate’ was dark, edgy minimal techno, the soundtrack to a disturbing dream. Its release set in motion a minor rumpus in minimal encampments last year, an impact which is demonstrated by the fact that no less then seven producers have now weighed in with remixes, with four cuts out on vinyl and a further three available digitally. The ‘Baby Kate Remixes’ 12” opens with Magda’s rethink: a whacked out dub with a wobbling, metallic low-end. Built around the b-line, this chugs along at what could only be described as a slow pace, but in the end it proves not nearly as endearing as her imaginative 'Lockjaw'. Plastikman ups the tempo but continues in the same vein, donning a dark cloak and doing his very best to lose us in an eight-minute game of cat and mouse. In the right surrounds, the potential is there for this to wreak havoc on the senses, but as a standalone piece of music it's quite an ask to listen to. There's much more bite to Konrad Black's animated, nu-skool electro slant: He fattens up the original bass, adds a gothic variation to the notes and couples them to an energetic ravey synth, transforming ‘Baby Kate’ into a comely lass. Elsewhere Sascha Funke’s version is ecstasy fueled in Bpitch’s trademark melodic vein – a blissed out lovers’ guide to the dancefloor. Reminiscent of Loveparade, day-glo vibes when trance was actually enjoyable, Funke's seductive tones hit the right spot. There's enough in this package to satiate most persuasions - a couple of quality cuts with a little over-indulgence in obscurity might be a concise summary. Nonetheless, this is another strong showing from the Minus collective, with variety being the spice of life.
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      A1 Where's My Baby Daddy (Magda remix) A2 Baby Kate (Konrad Black remix) B1 Baby Kate (Sascha Funke remix) B2 Baby Kate (Plastikman remix) Digital exclusive tracks: Baby Kate (Troy Pierce "First Day of Rehab" Mix) Baby Kate (Adam Beyer + Jesper Dahlbäck Remix) Baby Kate (Robotman Remix)