Todd Sines - Broad_Band

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  • Todd Sines is back after four years, this time on Frankie Rec, the French label that has been released a steady stream of forward thinking dancefloor ideas since 2004. Four years have passed since Todd’s last release, but his return is stamped with the same eloquent deep mood and real funk. ‘Rive Gauche’ arrives gnarly and jackin’ with trucker cap samples and seedy stabs that’ll suit DJs on the French underground, while ‘In_come’ is a little deeper and less crunked up with low pads and a cute girl groove – one for the deep house soldiers wearing K-Swiss. On the flip, ‘Thick Satin’ delivers naughty vocals and a deviant sample, while ‘Elastic’ with comes in a little softer with a different outlook, vocals colliding around soft tippy-toe keys and exclusive percussive elements. Todd is a very well accomplished producer who knows how to arrange, and ‘Broad_Band’ is a welcome return. Natacha Labelle’s vocal snippets especially give the house/techno/retro/ghetto tech proceedings a moody and raunchy edge, and while it might have taken time for Todd to come up with this quality, it’s a comeback that raises the bar.
  • Tracklist
      A1. Rive Gauche A2. In_come B1. Thick Satin B2. Elastic