Ante Perry - Beach Power

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  • Things dance producers should stop doing once and for all in 2007: 1) Whooshy filter sweeps, 2) Jaded euro girls delivering a monotone about how empty their life is and/or how glamorous they are and 3) Cowbells. This release isn't guilty of all of these (barring the filter sweeps) but still comes across as fairly pedestrian and predictable. The original mix rolls along tolerably enough with a Get Physical circa 2004 bassline but nothing saves it from being extremely forgettable. The Larse remix is a bit more interesting with lazy reggae-ish chimes echoing over the top and a sparser feel with some nice soft melodies – it's got that eyes closed, head back feel to it. It could fit quite nicely into a beach party setting but again is unlikely to get punters asking for the name of the track. The B2 track 'Take me Back' is appropriately titled. Personally it takes me back to the electroclash days with its gnarly oscillating bassline and breakbeat interludes. The last time I heard this sort of sound played out was in a topless boxing bar in Manila, which says it all really. It's done well enough and a few years ago would have been noteworthy but as we slip into 2007 it feels like it's been done far too late. This is Ante Perry's debut release. Let's hope he pushes himself a bit harder on his next one.
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      A Beach Power B1 Beach Power (Larse Remix) B2 Take Me Back