Lazy Fat People – Shinjuku

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  • One bar in and you're thinking 'uh oh, this sounds a hell of a lot like Rej'. Then they turn it around and it becomes something totally different. A soft ascending bassline, a squeaky riff and some woodblocks are put in a cardboard box and shaken a little. It meanders and swoops in and out of an intensity that takes you completely by surprise because it seems to spring from nowhere. It's an unconventional groove, as we've come to expect from Wagon Repair, but one that grows and grows on you, unlike Mathew Jonson’s, which too often are striking at first and annoying shortly afterwards. One for floors that appreciate deepness, or for home listening, and equally pleasurable in either setting. The flipside 'B.T.' is decidedly odd and seems made to frustrate DJs. There's a pulsing bassline and soft clicky drums that grow gently and constantly in weight but never quite kick in. After five minutes there's a riff, then a breakdown and lots of nitrogen narcosis deep sea noises and the beat comes back, but still very lightly. I think its somewhat wonderful but am not really sure how it could be used in a club. On the other hand if I ever open an opium den I might play it on a continuous loop.
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      A Shinjuku B T.V. 20