DJ Koze - Stompin At The Clubfoot

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  • It's a jungle out there, wherever DJ Koze is presently holed up. The Kompakt ambassador's fondness for civilized Latin rhythms is known from his International Pony collaborations, but here he's foraging deeper in the undergrowth. The real fun is had with 'Snauzi Peitsch', a finely-wrought blend of neat Cologne tech-house and wacky sampladelic invention. After wading through a thicket of Akufen-esque micro-sampling, dodging vines of radio static and spectral voices buzzing like dragonflies, we're set upon by swarms of delayed pings and percussion sculpted from white noise, where even the bass drum carries a tune. Halfway in, maracas shimmy while portentous drones creep by amid conflicting families of bleeps, growing odder and funkier by the minute. 'Djungle Froot' on the b-side acts as an interlude, looping a brash synth riff, more shakers and sleazy R&B oohs and ahhs around a swinging digi-rhumba beat. Strictly cocktail hour material, but it's still classy: this is bound to wind up on a Hotel Costes comp if Stéphane Pompougnac is brave enough. It all ends functionally with 'Na Cha Cha', a no-nonsense slab of minimal programmed on woodblocks, rim-shots and a dull kick stomped out by the dancing cover star's gargantuan feet. So, two slices of club friendly wonkiness and one for the earlier soiree.