D.I.M. - Sysiphos

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  • As a label, it seemed that Turbo Records, Tiga’s own Montreal imprint, was about to go the Output route: a once relevant label dying from a slow and painful death while facing general indifference. And then, four kick-ass releases this Fall (see Tomas Barfod, Sweet Light, and Boyz Noize’s new stuff) are re-injecting life into the label’s corpse while reminding us of Tiga’s unique flair for electro bombs. Not much is said nor known about D.I.M. (the press release reveals Tiga himself doesn’t even know who it is), but as an introductory greeting, you could really find worse. Main track ‘Sisyphos’ is a huge digitalized builder: nothing much is happening, really, except numerous tweaks here and there on the effect board for seven minutes on top of a martial techno beat: think ‘Erotic Discourse’, but more muscular and masculine. B-side ‘Noize’ is built from the same mould, except slightly, well, noisier. Very versatile, the end results could both work well either as set openers, closers, or as 3 a.m. pelvis-bangers, and will surely please electro and techno DJs alike. Seriously, if this is any indication, Turbo is back in business, and with releases such as this, it could easily claim back its underground techno crown. Most exciting comeback of the year, then.
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      A Sysiphos B Noize