Dinky & Jorge Gonzalez - No Sleep

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  • Dinky returns on her own Horizontal imprint with production partner Jorge Gonzalez with three minimal numbers flavoured and spiced with Chilean percussion and eerie vocals. Will this be another boring slab of ‘less is more’ or sharp toothed and sure footed? The new 12” kicks of with ‘No Sleep’, which cleverly morphs from a broken beat into a minimal monster with Golum-like attitude. Precise clicks, hits, and claps dement until the vocal drops. Dinky’s Chilean’s influences breathe here: there’s catchy percussion, a sexy arrangement, it all sounds sleazy and hypnotic, like Luciano wrestling with a Microkorg. If you like to dip your hips low to heads like Matt John, Troy Pierce and Mr. Villalobos, download this. Bump the needle and we stumble upon B1. ‘Close Dat Door’ grooves slightly more straight-laced and organic: underpinned by a pornographic male voice intoning the title, production again is tight-as-fuck ferocious – this will definitely haunt room one soundsystems like Yellow or Panorama Bar. Last up to road test is B2 ‘No Sleep’. This edit rolls in a little deeper with a slower BPM; the energy of the first two lollipops is not as obvious here. Stick your money on the either of the first. Overall the lady who has graced a Cocoon residency joins Jorge Gonzalez to produce a solid minimal mad number with a goodie bag of influences that’ll give it more shelf life than most. Nice and naughty, with a touch of the femme fatale.
  • Tracklist
      A No Sleep (Original) B1 Close Dat Door B2 No Sleep (Edit)